Suvudu Cage Matches

Suvudu has done this once before, but it’s still interesting how they do their cage matches.  And this time it’s got a couple of my favorite characters in it.  The current cage match is Vin (from Mistborn) vs Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (from the Sword of Truth).  Mistborn is one of my favorite series of all time and has probably the single greatest ending to any story I’ve ever read (and will probably be reviewed on here when I reread it eventually).  While for the Sword of Truth series, I didn’t even finish the first book, it irritated me too much.

Anyway, it’s an interesting idea, go vote for Vin, and while you’re at it, read Sanderson’s write-up for how the fight would go.  As I said I’ve never read the Sword of Truth books but apparently Zed’s ranting was pretty common in the later books of the series and it made me laugh when I read it.

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