Distractions from reading…..

I think I’ve put in a couple of posts that I’ve had to delay finishing a book because I’ve had to leave for bowling for the night.  This is one of the things that has a tendency to distract me from reading, unfortunately I found one of the other things that can distract me earlier today as well.

Final Fantasy 4

Just like a book that you’ve reread dozens of times, or a movie that you watch constantly, this game is the one game that can drag me back into playing video games yet again for 3 to 4 hours a day.  I have played through this game more times than I can remember, and with a quick count I think I’ve purchased at least 4 different versions of this game (with the PSP version being the most recent purchase).

One of the best things that books can do is show you interesting characters in interesting situations.  This game does all of that just as well as many books that I’ve read and in some cases better than in some books that I’ve read.  No matter how many times I witness Cecil overcoming his Dark Knight past to become a Paladin it’s still a great scene, and this game has one of my favorite characters of all time in Rydia, the summoner who loses her family early on but finds her own strength later in the story.

The only game that I may have played more than this one is Final Fantasy Tactics, but even then I think I quit paying attention to the story some time ago as I started going through and doing random character challenges as opposed to playing through the game normally.

I love this game and it will continue to distract from my reading for a little bit in the upcoming weeks, but I’m almost done with all of my school stuff (I have one more test that matters, and one more paper to write and then I’m graduating) so I’ll be able to get back to tearing through my books pretty soon.  And in the meantime I get to enjoy my favorite story that is told through the video game medium one more time.

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  1. As funny as it sounds, your post has me looking at my husband a whole new way. He plays video games often and I’ve never understood their appeal – until you compared them to books. Books, huh? Well, that gives ’em a new level of respect. Now, if I could get him to pick up his clothes, I might respect him even more, Ha!

    • Video games are just like books, movies, and TV shows in that they are a medium that can be used to tell a story. We generally don’t think of video games as similar to the others because they’re still a relatively new medium.

      Glad I can help solve a marital dispute from my blog, although I don’t think I can do anything to help him start picking up his clothes more.


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