Snow Crash

Snow Crash, by Neil Stephenson, is another book that I heard about from the Writing Excuses podcast.  This book does a lot of interesting things, and for a book written nearly 20 years ago it does a decent job with talking about technology that to an extent it coming into reality now.

Book Stats

468 pages (paperback)

Stand alone book



The book follows two characters, Hiro Protagonist (yes, that is actually his name) and Y.T.  Hiro is a 30 year old hacker who is also an expert swordsman.  Hiro begins the story as a pizza delivery man for the worlds foremost pizza company, which is little more than an organized Mafia.  Y.T. is a kourier who delivers packages for anyone who needs them to be delivered.  Y.T. is 15 years old, and it shows a little in her viewpoints.  But there were also several times when she seemed older than she was.


The book is set in the U.S. in the future when our current system of government has pretty much fallen apart.  The world is run by various corporations and military groups.  A large part of this book revolves around the Metaverse, which is essentially a very advanced version of the internet.  This was interesting as the book was written in 1992 and a lot of the aspects of the Metaverse described in this book are very similar to things that we’re seeing online now.


The plot was the weakest part of the book for me.  The essential goal of the plot is to prevent a religious group from getting a stranglehold on more of the world through the use of a new drug called Snow Crash.  My problem with the plot was that it jumped around a lot and didn’t really get to the overall story plot until well over halfway through the book.  This may be because the book was written 20 years ago and the technology used in the book needed more explanation than it does today.  When it was first written it might not have had this problem, but 20 years later this doesn’t work as well, which may just be an inherent problem with writing cyberpunk.


I really liked some aspects of this book.  Some parts were really interesting, and some of the ideas were stellar.  However, I think it jumps around far too much and never really materializes into a solid story.

Overall Grade

Neat ideas, but seemed a little dated.


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  1. celestial elf

     /  May 5, 2011

    Loved the Book, thought you might like my SnowCrash machinima film

    best wishes
    elf ~


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