Fight Club

First off, I’m breaking two rules by writing this review.  Secondly, It was a good book, I don’t know if it was quite as good as the movie, but it was still a good read.

Book Stats

208 Pages

Stand alone

I’m calling it a Thriller for the Genre because I don’t know what else to put it as.


The book focuses on two characters, the Narrator (whose name is never given) and Tyler Durden.  The book is told from the first-person view of the Narrator who hates his life and ultimately starts an underground club where two men fight “as long as they have to.”  Knowing the twist of the book from having seen the movie before didn’t make it any less fun, but it was neat knowing what to watch for and focusing on the character.  The character is very believable even as things get completely out of hand later in the novel.


I don’t think the exact city is ever mentioned, but it’s a larger city somewhere in America.


The Narrator hates his job, hates his life, and suffers from insomnia.  He remedies this by going to meetings for those who suffer from various incurable diseases, which lets him sleep.  Eventually, he meets Tyler Durden and the two start Fight Club, which remedies the Narrators problem and gives him a sense of control over his life even though in reality it is falling apart around him.  The book ultimately expands this theme to Durden fighting against the established community trying to destroy the current society to create anarchy.


I watched the movie a couple years ago, so I knew what the main plot twist was going to be.  Even knowing it, the book was still enjoyable.  My only complaint about the book is that it was very much a “stream of conscientiousness” type of read.  What I mean by this is that the book is best read in one sitting.  I started reading it yesterday and had to stop about halfway through the book, and it was difficult to get back into the book.  This is a slight weakness of the book, but it’s not that much of a problem as the book is short enough to be realistically read in one sitting, which is what I’d suggest doing.

Overall Grade

Well written, but it should be read in one sitting, it falls apart a little if you have to read it in smaller chunks.


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