Invisible Monsters

Yet another book from my Fiction Appreciation final, and another book from Chuck Palahniuk.  This book is very similar to Fight Club, but I think it’s better as Fight Club was Palahniuk’s first book and his writing improved getting to this book.

Book Stats

297 pages

Stand Alone

Genre is weird for this book, I’m calling it Drama for lack of a better term.


The book follows a young model who has recently been disfigured in an accident.  Her name is given very late in the book, but for over 3/4 of the book you don’t know her name (which is why I’m not giving it here).  Throughout the course of the book the main character also meets Evie, another model that she works with, Brandy Alexander, who she meets in the hospital while recovering from her surgery, and her ex-boyfriend Manus.  All of the characters are very well rounded as they exude confidence while being horribly flawed.


West coast America, they travel around a bit, but the setting really doesn’t matter.


The plot line is really weird as it bounces around from the past to the present all the time, sometimes with only 3 or 4 sentences to a flashback section.  The plot is telling the story of the narrators past as well as the stories of those she travels with.


If a theme in a book is too strong, it can ruin a book.  This book probably has the best balance I have ever seen of containing a definite theme while still being an interesting story to read.  The book deals with how sometimes the worst monsters that you can experience are the ones that we keep hidden within our deepest needs and desires.  I thought it was a fun read with a wonderful ending that worked beautifully throughout the story.

Overall Grade

Definitely not for everyone, but for those willing to explore the monsters that people hide, it’s a quick and wonderful read.


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