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I wrote about a week ago that I was listening to some short stories via EscapePod, PodCastle, and PseudoPod.  I was out walking for a while and I listened to the story Angry Rose’s Lament.  The story was interesting, it’s a science fiction story about a person arranging a contract with a newly discovered sentient race.  While the main character is dealing with this he is reminiscing about his previous drug addiction.  It’s an interesting story, not the best short story that I’ve listened to on the podcast, but a pretty good one.

There were two parts of the podcast that I found entertaining though, the first was part of the podcast, a litany spoken by the narrator to help with the withdrawal symptoms he has:

“What has happened I cannot change, what will happen I cannot decide, I am only responsible for the here and now.”

The second thing I really enjoyed was the quote they gave at the end of the podcast, by Chuck Palahniuk, who is a very quirky writer whose work I’m starting to read more of and really enjoy:

“I admire addicts, in a world where everyone is waiting for some, blind random disaster or some sudden disease, the addict has the comfort of knowing what will most likely wait for him down the road.  He’s taken some control over his ultimate fate and his addiction keeps the cause of death from being a total surprise.”

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