Chuck Palahniuk is probably the weirdest author I’ve ever read a book from.  He writes stories about strange people in very strange situations.  All of his books are very disturbing on multiple levels.  I hope he never quits writing.  Snuff is the latest book I’ve read from Palahniuk, and it is yet another story where you read the idea for the novel and the first question you come up with is “who thinks to write a book about that?”

Book Stats

197 pages

Stand alone

Let’s call it Drama, although the book has some very funny moments and could easily be considered a comedy


The book follows four characters, #600, #72, #137, and Sheila.  The first three characters are men waiting to take part in an adult film and Sheila is the person organizing everything in the film.


The book takes place backstage at a porn shoot, yeah, you read that right.


The best synopsis of the plot I can give without spoiling too much about the story is what the back of the book says.  Porn star Cassie Wright wants to end her career with a bang, by breaking the record for serial fornication by having sex with 600 men, one of whom may want to kill her.  The book follows three of those men as they wait their turns to “perform.”  This is a very weird idea that could really only have come from Palahniuk.


This book is weird, disturbing, and at times very funny with the names of porn titles Palahniuk mentions as well as some other quips that characters make throughout the book.

Overall Grade

A very strange read that fans of Palahniuk should enjoy.


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