The Angel’s Game

I picked this book up after reading The Shadow of the Wind, which is also by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  As much as I enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind, I think this book might be even better, mostly because the premise of it will require a re-read and just struck me as being a deeper story.

Book Stats

531 pages

Stand Alone book



The book follows David Martin, an author living in Barcelona in the 1920’s.  Martin is an interesting character with a quick wit and no shortage of sarcasm.  He shows his sarcasm off constantly while dealing with his assistant Isabella, who read all of the books that he had previously published under a pseudonym and also wishes to be a writer.


The book takes place in Barcelona in the 1920’s.


Martin is locked into a very bad publishing deal where he is essentially an indentured servant writing a book every month for a publisher who cheats him to no end.  One day he receives an offer from an agent for a ridiculous amount of money.  Shortly after he accepts his previous publishers die in an accident.  The book follows Martin as he writes his book for his new publisher while he explores the history that he is following of a man who wrote a very similar book years ago.


This book seemed a little slow for me at times, but that is in large part because it is not a traditional mystery.  While exploring the mystery, Martin also has a regular life he is trying to live.  Zafon does an excellent job of remembering that Martin is doing more than just trying to solve a mystery.  He is also dealing with an assistant who wants to learn from him, writing his own book, and trying to find love.  As well as all of the larger parts of the story worked, this book also has some absolutely beautiful moments in it.  Specifically, the eulogy delivered by a priest following the death of a character in the book nearly brought me to tears, as did a couple of other parts of the book.  The story is beautifully written and the translation is seamless, if you didn’t know any better you’d think the book was originally written in english.

Overall Grade

A wonderful book that I will definitely read again, I’d suggest it to anyone.