My Goal

I mostly talk about books in my blog, and I’ve been reading enough of them recently to where I can have 2 or 3 posts every week just about book reviews, so this is going to be a very different sort of post today.

I’ve been overweight for most of my life.  I’m not making any excuses and I’m not trying to blame anyone, but I am deciding to do something about it.

In one of my psychology books (I’m pretty sure it was 59 seconds by Richard Wiseman, which is a psychology book although it wasn’t a textbook for a class) there were several tips for losing weight inspired by psychological research.  Two of the biggest tips are the reasons for this post.  The first is that you should tell other people about your goal, because it will make you feel like you are letting down other people as well as yourself if you don’t reach your goal.  The second is to set a very specific goal that you will reach by a specific date.

Writing this post and putting it online is the first part of it.  The second part is putting my goal on here as well.  I weighed myself not even 5 minutes ago and I was at 231.2 pounds (which is actually already down about 10 pounds from earlier in the summer).  My goal for right now is simple.  I’m currently 26 years old, and I want to be down to 210 pounds by my 27th birthday.  My birthday is October 4th, so this gives me a little less than 3 months to lose a little over 20 pounds.

I’ve started to work out a little more, mostly walking and some running, and I’m watching what I eat more than I ever have in my life.  Nothing in your life will change until you decide to change it.  Well, I’ve decided that I need to change and I’m going to do it.

I’m going to post week my progress as a way to keep me honest and to track my progress.  So for the first online record of my progress towards my goal, here we go:

July 10th 2011 – 231.2