The Prince of Mist

I became a big fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon after reading The Shadow of the Wind.  Since then I’ve also read The Angel’s Game and I recently purchased The Prince of Mist.  While The Prince of Mist is a young adult book it was still enjoyable, and a much quicker read than Zafon’s longer adult books.

Book Stats

214 pages

Standalone book



The book follows three children who are living in a coastal town in a random city during 1943.  The kids are fairly typical teenagers, very curious about what’s going on around them.  Being a young adult book there isn’t a great deal of character development throughout the book, but the kids do grow up by the end of the book, all in all the characters worked well.


Random town sitting on a beach, that’s about all you need to know.


Once Max and Alicia move to their new beach house they start to experience some strange happenings around the house where they live.  Their friend Roland shows them a sunken ship from which his grandfather was the only survivor.  As Max starts to notice a few strange things around their house he starts to realize that Roland’s grandfather may know more about what happened to the ship and the strange events they are experiencing.


The book was a very quick read, I think it took me about 3 hours to get through it.  The mystery was interesting, although obviously not as well developed as Zafon’s adult novels.  I enjoyed the book, although the ending wasn’t the greatest for me, the book was still interesting.  I’ll definitely check out further books by Zafon, but this one is not his best.

Overall Grade

Not Zafon’s best book, but it’s a good read and a book that I’ll probably read again.


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