Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The first Harry Potter book, and oddly enough the first book book review for a book that I’m rereading.  I read the first four Harry Potter books several years ago, and I really enjoyed them.  I meant to finish the series, but just kept putting it off in favor of reading other books, until I started reading it now.  Everyone already knows pretty much everything about J.K. Rowling’s series, but I’m going to go through with my normal review structure anyway.

Book Stats

309 pages


First book in the series


The main character is obviously Harry Potter, a young man who on his 11th birthday discovers that his parents were wizards and that he is invited to Hogwarts school to study magic.  In this book Harry isn’t the deepest character, but he’s also 11.  Working with Harry throughout the book are his friends Ron and Hermione.  Ron is the youngest brother in a family of wizards, and his character works very well to go along with Harry as Ron is a little more worrisome than Harry.  Hermione also works wonderfully with Harry and Ron because her personality compliments Harry and Ron very well.  Hermione is by far the most concerned with studying and works the hardest of all the characters.  While Ron is worried about the consequences because he is personally afraid, Hermione tends to look towards the realistic consequences that could happen because of their actions.  The side characters also work well and show distinct personalities even in the brief scenes they are in.


Ah Hogwarts, an interesting setting for a book.  The magical school is works well although the book doesn’t really have all that much setting detail.  You’re given descriptions about the setting, and enough visual cues to get an idea of the setting, but the book is more about the characters and how they react to the situations they find themselves in.


The plot has to deal with Harry learning about being a wizard and trying to learn about what happened to his parents.  While he is at Hogwarts, he learns about a mysterious item that has recently been transferred to the school for safekeeping.  While going through classes and playing Quidditch harry and his friends also spend time exploring Hogwarts and enjoying learning magic.  One of the most well done parts of the book is the unfolding of the mystery of who is really behind everything going on behind the scenes.  Very well done.


The setting is interesting while not being in the forefront, which is actually a high point in the book.  It’s interesting to see how it’s done.  The plot is also well done and it moves at a steady pace throughout the book.  The high point of the book is really the characters though.  All three of the main characters are well written and have distinct personalities that fit very well together.  I think the fact that the characters are interesting is the main reason that these books have been so successful and why I believe they will stand up over time.

Overall Grade

Even having read the book before, and being well older than the target audience, I still enjoyed it greatly and look forward to the rest of the series.


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  1. brionyjae

     /  July 28, 2011

    So interesting to hear about someone’s experience in reading Harry Potter these days, especially if they haven’t read all of the books yet! 🙂 Enjoyed both of your HP reviews, can’t wait for the rest! 🙂

    • Thanks for coming and I’m glad you enjoyed the reviews. The books start getting a little longer, but they’re still quick reads so I’m sure they’ll be up very quickly. The next review will probably be up maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

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