Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

3rd Harry Potter book review in two days, although to be fair I started reading book 1 Tuesday and finished it Wednesday before posting here.  It will definitely start taking me a little longer to put my reviews up here, because the books start getting a lot longer (book 3 is 435 pages, book 4 is 734 pages).  On with the review.

Book Stats

435 pages


Book 3 of the Harry Potter series (sequel to Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets)


Our intrepid trio returns, there is a bit of conflict between the three of them throughout this book.  Again I thought that this worked well to show that they are very young and will let things get to them more easily than some adults do (they’re 13 in this book).  Malfoy is still irritating in this book, and again you’re made to hate him.  Snape also plays a bigger part in this book, and while he is still an annoying teacher, his personality is very consistent and works well.  Overall I think the characters were almost the same in this book as they were in the second book, which isn’t a bad thing, but I would have liked to see them advance a little more over the course of this book.


Hogwarts, pretty much the same as the first two.  This book has several more magical creatures in it than the first two, and it’s fun watching more of the magical world explored.  In addition, this book is also much darker in tone than the first two.  This comes mostly in the form of the Dementors, beings that rob you of any happy memories and have the capability of stealing souls.


This book has one of the most coherent plotlines from beginning to end.  We find out very early on that Sirius Black has escaped from the wizard’s prison Azkaban.  While much of the book resembles the first two books with the quidditch matches and studying throughout the year, the main theme of Black possibly coming for Harry runs throughout the whole book and gives the book a little more cohesion from start to finish than the first two books had.


I liked this book, albeit not quite as much as the first two.  The first reason I already mentioned, the characters seemed very similar to how they were in the first two books.  Specifically Harry and Ron fighting with Hermione was very similar to the first two books.  My last complaint is something of a pet peeve of mine (and this is the biggest spoiler I’ve included in any of my reviews, skip this part if you haven’t read the book yet).  Towards the end of the book they use a magical device to travel back in time for a couple of hours.  It actually works a little better in this book than in some other books, but it’s still a pet peeve of mine.  Also, as I put in my review for the second book, I’m tired of the Dursleys.  They’ve already thrown everything at Harry to try and upset him and in the beginning of this book he runs away from them.  I don’t want to see him have to deal with them again, it’s starting to annoy me and I consider it a weakness of this book.

Overall Grade

Probably the weakest book in the series thus fur (in large part due to a pet peeve of mine) but honestly a weaker book in this series is still well worth reading.