My Goal – Week 7

Time for my weekly post about my weight-loss goal.  This is the 7th week of tracking my weight on my blog, and I think that the next two weeks are probably going to be the two hardest weeks of this stretch.  Why?  Simple, I’m not bowling right now (summer leagues ended, winter leagues haven’t started yet) which means I’m also not working at the bowling alley as much, and I also don’t have a full time job yet.  What this all means is that I’m not doing a whole lot right now, which isn’t a good thing.  All said, I ended up with the same weight this week as I had last week.  I’ll take it.  About 6 weeks left, so that works out to losing a little over a pound a week, shouldn’t be too hard.

7/10 – 231.2

7/17 – 225.6

7/27 – 224.0

7/31 – 221.6

8/7 – 218.8

8/14 – 215.4

8/21 – 215.4

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