My Goal – Week 11

Just a couple of weeks left to go before my target date for my goal of getting down to 210.  It seems like it’s gone by pretty quickly, but at the same time I’m really close to reaching my goal.

I’ve said before that I hadn’t really noticed much of a change in how I looked, but I’m at the point where I can see a change.  I’ve even had several other people say that they can see a difference.  I can also tell in large part because a lot of my clothes are much looser than they have been.  Just a couple of pounds to go, and I’ve got a couple of weeks to get there, I think it’ll work out ok.

The weigh in came from earlier today, I had to work this morning instead of my usual Sunday night shift.  Either way, here’s the rundown:

7/10 – 231.2

7/17 – 225.6

7/24 – 224.0

7/31 – 221.6

8/7 – 218.8

8/14 – 215.4

8/21 – 215.4

8/28 – 216.0

9/4 – 213.2

9/11 – 212.6

9/18 – 212.0

Goal <210 by 10/4/2011

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  1. Congratulations on your progress. That’s fantastic. I do not want to be the least bit negative, because you have demonstrated you can lose the weight, but it is probably time to brainstorm strategies for maintenance, as well as any future goals.

    Plus plan a celebration that does *not* include a gallon of ice cream (kidding!).


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