My 30 day book challenge

I wrote a couple of days ago that I had seen several blogs doing a 30-day book challenge.  Essentially they were just lists of questions about books where the blogger answered one each day.  I’ve thought about doing one of these because I’ve been a little busy recently and haven’t been posting quite as much.  The only problem is that I found 4 different lists.

With each list there were some questions that I liked and some that I didn’t like.  So what I did was fairly simple, I made my own list.  I took questions that I liked from each of the other lists, and I also added some other questions that I thought should have been on a list (for example none of the lists I found had a question for favorite side character).  I also avoided some of the negative questions that I saw on other lists (one list had a question about your most hated book, let’s think positive here people).  Lastly, I tried to come up with topics that can be answered without spoiling the book.  I know that one of my biggest pet peeves about reading posts about books where the ending or major plot twist is spoiled.  I try to avoid doing that on my reviews, and as such I’m going to keep the same standards on my list.  So here is my list, it’ll give me something to think about for the next several weeks, and I’ll end up with at least one post every day through mid-October (I’ll still be doing a separate post for my book reviews).

And finally, the list:

  1. Favorite book or series
  2. Favorite drama book
  3. Favorite nonfiction book
  4. Favorite Romance book
  5. Favorite Science Fiction book
  6. Favorite Fantasy book
  7. Favorite Horror book
  8. Favorite Mystery book
  9. Favorite YA book
  10. Favorite Coffee Table book
  11. Favorite (auto)biographical book
  12. Favorite book title
  13. Favorite main character (male)
  14. Favorite main character (female)
  15. Favorite side character (male)
  16. Favorite side character (female)
  17. Favorite villain
  18. Favorite book you read in school
  19. Most interesting setting in a book
  20. Favorite quote from a book
  21. Favorite book turned movie
  22. Book that has been on your “to read” list the longest
  23. Book that made you laugh out loud
  24. Book that made you cry
  25. Most disturbing book
  26. Book you couldn’t put down
  27. Most thought-provoking book
  28. Book that you heard about on a blog and enjoyed
  29. Favorite Author
  30. Author you want more people to read
So there’s my list.  I’ll be starting this tomorrow and continuing it over the next several weeks.
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