30 Day Book #1 – Favorite Series

Time for my first post on my 30 day book list.  The topic for today is favorite book or series.

To me this was one of the easiest answers to come up with.  Easily my favorite series and the first one that I suggest to other people to read is the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.  I first heard about Sanderson when he was picked to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series after Jordan passed away.  I decided that I wanted to check out Sanderson’s books, and I went out to buy Elantris, his first novel.  I loved Elantris and after reading it went to buy his first trilogy, Mistborn.  After reading Mistborn, I was hooked and have since read everything Sanderson has written, but Mistborn is still the best of his work.

The premise for the series is an interesting twist on the classic hero stories that we’ve all read dozens of times.  1,000 years before the beginning of the first book there was a threat to all of humanity, a hero arose to save the world, he failed.  For the past 1,000 years the world has been ruled by the God-Emporer named simply The Lord Ruler.  There have been various uprisings throughout this time and many attempts to depose the Lord Ruler, but they all have failed.

As much as the premise for the book is interesting, the execution is flawless.  There are several different magic systems in this world, but the primary magic system is Allomancy, the power used by a Mistborn.  In using Allomancy a person ingests and then “burns” various metals to use powers given by each different metal.  There are set rules to the magic, and by doing this Sanderson can have his characters use the magic as a tool that can be applied to solve their problems rather than an instant solution to any problem they come across.  Some of the uses of Allomancy are to push and pull on metals, to enhance your senses, or to affect the emotions of people around you.  There are two other magic systems that show up more in the second and third books, and all three magic systems play off of each other in interesting ways.

All three books have viewpoints written from both male and female characters, and I personally think that all of the characters are written well, and having both male and female viewpoint characters is a strength of the series.  As well as all three of the books are written, the part of the series that stands out the most to me and makes this one of my favorite works ever is the ending to the trilogy.  The ending pays of plot threads from the very beginning of the first book and I’ve said in many places that it was the best ending I’ve ever seen in any work of fiction.  After finishing the last book (I read the last 300 pages or so in one sitting) I immediately went back and re-read the last couple of chapters to go through it again.  The ending is obviously the last part of a book that you read, and it’s the part that will stick with you the longest.  If the ending doesn’t work, the book fails.  For this series, Sanderson absolutely nails the ending and to me it is pretty much the standard for ending a book for me at this point.

So there’s my first post of the 30 days I plan on doing.  Tomorrow’s post will start into my favorite books of different genres, starting with Drama.

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  1. I definitely haven’t forgotten your recommendation for this series! I’m definitely going to make time to read it at some point 🙂 Sounds great! Also I love the idea of this 30 day challenge!! I look forward to more of your posts 🙂

  2. Thanks for something new to check out.

  3. lialexis

     /  September 21, 2011

    The Mistborn Series has been on my “too read” list for so long, along with finishing the Jordan series… I discovered Sanderson in the same way you did, but very recently actually. A friend had recommended Wheel of Time and in researching the series I learned of Jordan’s death and Sanderson’s selection to complete the project. I’m fascinated to finish Wheel of Time and see how the authorial change impacts the series.

    • The first book that Sanderson wrote in the WoT was book 12, The Gathering Storm. When I got that book it had been a couple of years since I’d read the series, so I went back through and reread the entire series before starting that book. Personally I didn’t see much difference between Jordan’s and Sanderson’s writing. On Sanderson’s website and on the podcast he does he talks about how he was a big fan of the series. I think he is doing a great job finishing the series.


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