30 Day Book #3 – Favorite Non-Fiction Book

Topic number 3, favorite non-fiction book.  As much fiction as I read, I actually read quite a bit of non-fiction as well.  I’m a nerd, and I will readily admit that to anyone who asks.  Nerd is not a bad word (I did a post on that a while ago) and I’m actually more offended when people try to use it as a bad word.

I’ve said how much I love Malcolm Gladwell’s writing, so naturally this post is going to be about one of his books.  Blink is probably the book that he is most well known for, but I personally think his best book is The Tipping Point.  The Tipping Point is about how trends in our world work, how there are points where trends take off and become the norm rather than the exception.

In the book he talks about epidemics, fashion trends, and crime in New York City.  He also discusses young children’s education explaining why Blue’s Clues worked better than Sesame Street.  One of the most interesting topics to me dealt with how we naturally fall into groups between 150-200 people, and how groups bigger than those don’t work as well.  When the group (tribe or work force, anything where people meet regularly) is over 200 people, it’s harder for everyone to know each other well enough to be able to work together.

I enjoy all of Gladwell’s work and I would highly recommend all of his books to anyone who is interested in reading different theories about how the world works.  Of his works, this is my favorite, but it’s splitting hairs to choose this one over his other books.

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