Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia.  A very strange book, but at the same time very funny.  This is yet another book that I heard about from the Writing Excuses podcast (Larry has been a guest on the podcast several times) and then went to go find.  A very weird but very fun read.

713 pages


Stand Alone (but he left plenty of room for sequels, which I’m sure he will eventually write)


The main character of the book is Owen Zastava Pitt.  Z (as he is called in the book) is currently working as an accountant, but he is also a gun nut.  Trained to shoot from a young age by his father (who was a green beret) Z worked as a bouncer to get through college.  He was a fun character, and it was interesting to see his reaction as he finds out that all of the monsters from horror movies are real.  He isn’t the deepest character in the world, and if anything he is maybe a little too perfect of a character (and could easily be seen as a Mary-Sue since Correia worked as an accountant before writing this novel) but it doesn’t really matter because this book isn’t really about depth of character, it’s essentially an ode to big guns and how much fun the characters have shooting monsters in the face.  The other characters were also interesting, and Correia did a good job of giving them all backgrounds that were believable.


The book takes place in the American Southeast.  The main difference between our world and this book is that all of the B-movie monsters are real and pose a genuine threat to humanity.


We’ve all had bosses that we hate, but how many of us have had them turn into werewolves and try to kill us?  After Owen somehow fights off his boss, he is approached by Monster Hunter International.  A company that works to kill the various monsters.  The government does a good job of hiding the stories about these monsters from the public, but they can’t fight them all on their own, so they have a system in place to pay individuals and private companies to kill them.  Shortly after Owen starts to work for MHI, he gets involved in a case involving several Master Vampires and an even stronger being that they know nothing about.  The book covers the story of MHI investigating this case.


If you’re a fan of serious literature, this book is not for you.  If you want to read a fun story with some interesting characters and a fun sense of humor, you’d like this book.  The humor in this book is blatant, and it’s usually the easy joke, but it still works.  There is nothing in this book that is going to surprise you, but between the fun characters and quirky humor it’s a fun read.

Overall Grade

Not for everyone, but it might be for you, as long as you don’t try to take it too seriously it’s a fun read.


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  1. Well, seeing as I’m a lifelong fan of 2-star monster movies on Saturday afternoons, and trips to Monster Island with Godzilla, I’ll bet I would enjoy this story. Thanks.


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