30 Day Book #4 – Favorite Romance Book

This is easily the biggest stretch of any book that I will put on this list.  Favorite Romance novel, it’s a rough question.  I imagine most people would put a Jane Austen novel in this spot, but at this point I haven’t read any Jane Austen novels.  I have a copy of Pride and Prejudice, and I’m considering reading that and then reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies afterwards just to compare the two books.

Although I’ve read very few Romance books, romantic subplots are actually more common in epic Fantasy than you might think if you don’t read the genre.  However, for this post I decided to pick a book where the romantic plot was a big part of the story and not just a subplot.  So for that reason I picked Dan Wells’ book I Don’t Want to Kill You.

Yes, I’m picking a book that could easily be listed as a Horror novel for my favorite Romance book.  I Don’t Want to Kill You is the third book in the John Cleaver series.  John is a teenage sociopath who at the beginning of the first book has a very strict set of rules to fit in to ‘normal’ society.  The first book deals with him breaking his rules, and the second book deals with what happens after he broke his rules.  While he is doing this he is also fighting strange demons that are killing people in his hometown.  In the third book in the trilogy he has to deal with the scariest thing in the world for a young man, his first girlfriend.

I loved this book, and I enjoyed the romantic plotting of the book.  I think it worked very well both on its own and within the structure of the three novels.  This is easily the biggest stretch of all the answers that I’ll be putting for my answers for my questions.  Part of the reason that I even chose this question is because I immediately thought of this book as my response for it and I wanted to see what kind of strange reactions I might get to talking about a Horror novel for my favorite Romance novel.

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