30 Day Book #5 – Favorite Science Fiction Book

For book #5 I get to write about a genre that I read much more regularly than Romance: Science Fiction.  We’re also going with a somewhat unusual pick for this question.  If you read my review for this book, it’s not that unexpected.  My choice for my favorite Science Fiction book is Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card.  Yes, you read that right, Speaker for the Dead, NOT Ender’s Game, although Ender’s Game is a great book as well, I think Speaker for the Dead is better.

As much as Ender’s Game was an amazing book, Speaker for the Dead took everything good about that book and improved upon it.  Throughout Speaker for the Dead Card is seamlessly weaving several different storylines together perfectly.  There is Ender’s story arc, which is brilliant because it’s the exact opposite of his arc from Ender’s Game.  In Ender’s Game he is becoming more and more secluded from everyone he knows as the book goes on, and in Speaker he has to learn how to adjust to living in society again.

The book also deals with the various characters from Lusitania, as well as both the Hive Queen and the Pequeninos.  The explanation of the Pequeninos culture is very subtle and never feels like an info-dump, when a less skilled author could have easily butchered that part of the book.

Ender’s Game is a brilliant book and deserves all of the accolades that it has received as one of the best SciFi books of all time (if not one of the best books of all time regardless of genre).  But as good as Ender’s Game is, I think it is dwarfed by Speaker for the Dead which is brilliant on multiple levels.

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  1. I loved Ender’s Game but haven’t read the second one yet even though I’ve heard from other who, like you, think it’s the better book.


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