30 Day Book #7 – Favorite Horror Book

Well, I plugged the third book in Dan Wells’ John Cleaver series as my favorite Romance novel, and for my favorite Horror novel I’m going to plug the first one.  Horror is a strange genre, and not one I really read that much of.  Realistically most good books have an element of horror in them.  My choice for yesterday was a book from the Wheel of Time.  If you look at Padan Fain’s scenes in that series they are disturbing to read and have an element of horror in them.

Next to the Romance genre, Horror is easily my least read genre.  However, I Am Not A Serial Killer easily fits into the Horror genre and it was a great book.  John Cleaver is a 15 year old sociopath who is obsessed with serial killers, he is afraid he could become on so he lives by a strict set of rules so that he will be able to fit into “normal” society.  He also works in a mortuary with his mother and aunt.

When John notices something unusual about a corpse that comes through their mortuary, he begins to think something is wrong about this body.  When more bodies start coming in, John starts to see a pattern and thinks that the string of murders is due to a serial killer.  When he sees this he decides that he needs to break all of his rules of behavior so that he can stop the serial killer terrifying people in his town.

John is a wonderfully written character and I can’t plug Dan Wells books enough.  For the most part I’m going to try and avoid repeating books and series in my list of books, but for this one it’s just too obvious that this is the best book for the question.

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