30 Day Book #9 – Favorite YA Book

Young Adult books.  This genre is a fairly recent creation as far as being differentiated from adult books.  My local Barnes & Noble just added a YA book section within the past 2 years or so.  Kids books have obviously been written for years, and it’s interesting to see how they’re split apart now.  Either way, quite a few books that I read fall into the YA category.  As much as I love all of my regular “adult” novels, sometimes it’s nice to read something a little lighter.  And once in a while, just as with all books, you come across something that is extremely well written and something you absolutely loved to read.

For me, my favorite YA book is once again a series rather than a single book.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, followed by it’s sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay are easily some of my favorite books that I’ve read for some time.  The Hunger Games is a futuristic post apocalyptic book where the United States is separated into 12 districts plus a Capitol.  Every year, each of the twelve districts has to send one boy and one girl from age 11-18 to compete in a battle to the death for the entertainment of the Capitol.

The world was very interesting but Katniss was a brilliantly written character.  She starts out simply trying to survive the Hunger Games, but starts doing well and realizes that she has a chance to win.  Throughout all three books she never broke from her character even as horrific things were happening to her on a regular basis.  One of the few complaints I’ve seen about any of these books has to do with the ending of the trilogy.  I’m not going to talk about specifically what happened, but I will say I understand why some people were upset by it.  It isn’t the ending that you’re expecting after everything from the books, but it is realistically the best ending Katniss could have had, and I applaud Collins for writing it as she did, a lot of other authors would have just given everyone the ending they wanted rather than the ending the most realistic ending.

I loved all three of these books and read each one in less than a day.  They’re fantastic books with an interesting premise and a wonderfully written main character and I highly suggest them to anyone who enjoys reading.

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  1. I have a tendency to zero in on certain genres until I overload. I did it in the past with adult fantasy, and have done it more recently with YA fantasy. For the most part, I can no longer read it – unless and until a remarkable book like “The Hunger Games” comes out. Good choice, Adam, this is truly a remarkable and strikingly original book that deserves all the kudos it has received.

    • I just finished reading Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan series and I was absolutely blown away with the third book. If you haven’t checked those books out yet I highly recommend them. They’re Steampunk books so sort-of Fantasy, but really leaning more towards SciFi.


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