30 Day Book #10 – Favorite Coffee Table Book

This is kind of an odd title for a book suggestion.  I don’t have a coffee table, and I hate drinking coffee (I’ll admit it, I’m a tea drinker).  But the idea for this one made me laugh and I immediately thought of the perfect book to use for it.  So what is a coffee table book?  A coffee table book is a book that you leave sitting around that you can read a page or two at a time and then put down and go do something else.  There are lots of books in this category, any book in the Darwin Awards series fits in this category, as well as several books by Dave Barry or any other collections.  But my favorite coffee table book that I own is The Complete Far Side Collection.

We all know the Far Side as one of the funniest comics in the world, for years it has dominated all of the sales of page a day calendars and for me it is dominating this post.  The only problem with this book (or set of two books actually) is that once you start reading them, you really can’t stop.  Gary Larson was a master of giving you just enough to where you can get the joke, but leaving enough of a gap to where you have to do some thinking to connect the dots to finish the joke.  The Far Side is probably the greatest comic of all time, so rather than continuing to say why I think it’s as great as it is, I’m just going to put a few comics here for everyone to laugh at.  I’m also going to suggest that if you can find the collection, you buy it, it’s well worth every penny that you’ll spend on it.

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  1. I can think of many candidates for coffee table books, but Farside is truly a classic. Perfect choice of illustrations too. Hardly a month goes by without my wife or me pulling/pushing a door the wrong way, shrugging, and saying, “School for the gifted.”


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