Goliath is the third book in the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld, the book came out September 20th, and I’m actually a little mad that I waited this long to read the book, it was a wonderful conclusion to the series.

Book Stats

537 pages


3rd book in the Leviathan series (sequel to Leviathan and Behemoth)


Deryn and Alek are once again the two viewpoint characters in this book.  The romance plot that was heavily hinted at with the ending of the second book was fully evident in this book and I thought it worked really well.  Along with all of the other characters that we have been accustomed to seeing from the first two books, we are also introduced to Nikola Tesla in this book.  Tesla was a scientist in the early 20th century and is probably one of the two or three most intelligent people who have ever lived.  Seeing Tesla (and some of his inventions as imagined by Westerfeld) in this book was wonderful and he was a great character to read about.


The book is the same world as the first two (obviously) but in this book the characters spend a short time in both Japan and the US.  In comparison to the European countries which were either Darwinist or Clanker both the US and Japan used both sets of new technology.


The plot continues from the first two books as the crew of the Leviathan are working to stem the early battles of what in this world would become WW1.  Westerfeld stays very close to the beginning timeline of the war but the timeline is obviously different in this book.  The overall plot of this book tracks the love story of the two main characters while they work to stop a war.  I thought the book was very well done on all aspects.


I loved this book.  I started reading it this morning, and just finished it, I only stopped because it’s bowling night and nothing interrupts bowling night (not even this book, as great as it was).  (For what it matters, I bowled very well tonight; 235, 269, 203 for a 707 series.)  The world in this series was wonderfully realized and very consistent throughout.  The characters were also very fun to read and it was interesting seeing the subtle differences between actual history and Westerfeld’s history that kept showing up throughout this book.

Overall Grade

If you enjoy Steampunk, Westerfeld’s other books, or just good writing, go pick up this series now, the first two books were very good and the third book was excellent.


Series Grade

The ending is the most important part of any book or series, and the third book earned this series a 10.


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