My Goal – 2 Days Early

When I decided to set my weight loss goal earlier this summer I set my goal for October 4th.  If you didn’t see the first post it sounds like a very arbitrary date, especially considering that it’s a Tuesday and my weekly posts have been on Sundays.  So why did I pick October 4th, it’s my birthday (I’ll be 27) and when I decided that I wanted to be down to a certain weight it seemed like as good of a deadline as any.

So my goal was to get my weight down to 210 pounds by this coming Tuesday.  I’m quite pleased to say that my weight today for my official weekly weigh-in was 209.6 pounds.  While I only post about it one day a week, I do check my weight during the middle of the week and the first day that I was under 210 was last Friday.

While I’ve reached my goal, it doesn’t end here.  I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve lost some weight, but it’s not enough just to lose it, you have to keep it off or it doesn’t really matter.  I’m not trying to end this series of posts on a bad note, but it’s a realistic way to end it and it’s true that I’ll need to keep watching my weight to avoid letting myself gain weight again.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by here to see how I was doing and providing encouragement.  Here is the final list of my weekly weigh-in since I began keeping track in early July.

7/10 – 231.2

7/17 – 225.6

7/24 – 224.0

7/31 – 221.6

8/7 – 218.8

8/14 – 215.4

8/21 – 215.4

8/28 – 216.0

9/4 – 213.2

9/11 – 212.6

9/18 – 212.0

9/25 – 213.6

10/2 – 209.6

Goal <210 by 10/4/11

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