30 Day Book #14 – Favorite Main Character (female)

Another day to discuss the main character of a book.  This time I’m going to be discussing my favorite female main character.  This one is a bit of a difficult choice for me.  When I was first compiling my list, I was immediately thinking of the book or character that I was going to pick for each topic.  My first choice came pretty quickly, but in the past couple of days as this topic was coming up I’ve been considering a couple of other choices as well.

Ultimately, I think I’m going to have to go with the female main character from a series that I just finished and absolutely loved.  My choice for this topic is Deryn Sharp from the Leviathan series.  Deryn is a girl pretending to be a boy so that she can serve in the British Air Service.  Throughout the series she is constantly pulling all of the characters in the series out of trouble because of her quick thinking and fast action.  Even as the characters were put into increasingly bad situations, Deryn never seemed to get out of control.  She was always able to think quickly and use the resources she had at hand to solve problems.

Deryn was a very fun character to read about and it was always interesting to see the ways that she got out of trouble while still managing to protect her identity.  I loved these books and I think that Deryn was one of the strongest parts about all of the books.

(This is the first topic where I’m giving an honorable mention.  Up until about 5 minutes before I started writing this post it was going to be about Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy.  Ultimately I decided to pick Deryn over Katniss because Deryn is more proactive than Katniss throughout the course of each of their respective series.  Either way, both series are very enjoyable and I highly suggest each of them.)

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  1. Female characters who dress as boys to go into armed service aren’t new, but I certainly think they’re cool. It takes a special kind of brave to put yourself in that much danger–potentially from your comrades as much as your enemies.

    It’s cool that you were going to write about Katniss. I haven’t read the Hunger Games, but my little sister has. She loved that character so much that she often brought me the book and rambled on about what was going on in-story.

    • I think it really came down to the fact that I just finished the Leviathan series last Thursday and I read the Hunger Games trilogy last December. They were both very well written characters that were fun to read about and I really enjoyed both series.


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