30 Day Book #16 – Favorite Side Character (female)

I rambled on for quite a bit yesterday about how important side characters can be to a story.  Especially in a larger story that spans several books, side characters can really make or break the series, because while one character can carry a single book, it is very difficult to have a single character carry a long series such as the Wheel of Time.  For my favorite female side character, I’m of course going to a longer series, but it’s not the Wheel of Time, I’m going to talk about the Harry Potter series once again.

The first three books of the Harry Potter series are very lighthearted.  We get to spend a lot of time exploring Hogwarts and learning about magic with the three main characters.  Starting with the fourth book things get a lot more dangerous and we start to have people that we care about die.  I don’t know if this was done intentionally by Rowling but if it was than it was brilliant.  Starting with the fifth book, we are introduced to Luna Lovegood, who at that point is a fourth year student.

As the tone of the books turns darker and the danger increases, both for Harry and everyone else in the magical world, Luna becomes a bright point in all the darkness in the world.  Luna is a charming person who is for the most part oblivious to nearly everything going on around her.  The series does a good job of having some lighter moments spaced throughout all of the more serious parts of the books, and for the last three books they are almost exclusively provided by Luna, she was a wonderful character and one of the high points of the series as a whole.  I loved reading sections with her in it and I just wish that she was in the series more.

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  1. I agree, Adam, Luna was one of my favorite characters of the whole series!

  2. I love Luna 🙂 It’s clear that she’s had some traumatic events in her life (her mother’s death) but her personality and character is very refreshing. Sort of sad, since I think she deals with it all by being a little spacey, but I love her. She’s definitely used for some comedic relief, but she also buffers some of the more serious scenes by her matter-of-fact attitude, like when she explains to Harry why they are the only ones who can see the thestrals. She plays a similar role when being the only one other than Harry to hear voices through the veil in the Department of Mysteries.

    • Luna’s character did a wonderful job of keeping the series from getting too dark. The fact that she was in large part oblivious to what was going on allowed her to do an excellent job of lessening the tension without completely ignoring the fact that the tension was there. It was a wonderful balance that really made the last couple of books work.

  3. hannahrose42

     /  November 30, 2011

    Luna was also my favorite side character from HP. I actually wanted to try out for her part in the movie, because I am blonde and a little bit clueless myself. I didn’t end up trying out because I am an atrocious actor.

    • She really was one of the high points of the last 3 books. I almost wish that she had been in the earlier books more as well. She was such a welcome change from the constantly increasing tension of the last several books.


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