30 Day Book #20 – Favorite Quote From A Book

When going through the various lists I found of the 30 day book memes, this was a question that I thought was very interesting.  In large part it was because I immediately thought of the perfect answer for this question.  Like so much else in my reading experience, this one is from a long series, this is from the sixth book of the Wheel of Time (Lord of Chaos) and is given by one of the characters that I really enjoy reading about.

This is a slight spoiler for the series, so you’ve been warned.  As Egwene is spending time with the Aiel while Rand is traveling to Rhuidean to work to unite the Aiel before bringing them west.  During her time there, Egwene becomes very comfortable in dealing with the Aiel to the extent that when she is called back to be with the rogue Aes Sedai who have split from the White Tower she is almost afraid to go back for fear that what she has done may cause her to be punished.

When she is ready to return, Sorilea, one of the Wise Ones of the Aiel gives her some of the best advice that anyone could ever receive.  She tells her: “We are always more afraid than we wish to be, but we can always be braver than we expect.”

To me, that is a perfect line, because we’ve all been in that situation.  We’ve all been afraid to do something but then been able to pull through it, in many times doing better than we ever thought we would be able to do.  I think it is a wonderful quote by one of my favorite authors, and one that I would readily share with anyone who needed encouragement.

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  1. Not familiar with the book or the series you detailed, but I do agree that the quote you selected is a good one. Thanks!


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