30 Day Book #22 – Book on the “to read” list the longest

On my blog I have my Book List page, which is a list of books that I own and I’m eventually planning on reading.  (I have a separate file on my computer with books that I’m going to buy eventually.)  Even before I started this blog, the stack of books to read has been there.

My page says that I’m not planning on reading the books on the list in any particular order, and I don’t, I just read whatever I feel like reading next.  Obviously doing this, certain books sit on the list longer than others.  Currently, the book that has been on my book list to read the longest is Frank Herbert’s Dune.

I read a wide variety of books, but in large part I tend to lean towards the Fantasy section in bookstores.  In my local bookstore, the SciFi and Fantasy sections are one and the same.  I enjoy SciFi books, but I’m generally a little more wary about them then I am about Fantasy books.  I find it really easy to learn about a new setting in a Fantasy book.  Go ahead and use all the magic you want to, I’ll learn how it all works.  Different societies and magical creatures, bring it on.  But when you start talking about the actual science in a book, the hard numbers and real physics that SciFi books need, it’s real easy for me to just zone out.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, and I know that there are quite a few books set in the Dune world.  So that even when I finish Dune I can start reading the other books that Frank Herbert wrote in the Dune universe, beyond that there are the books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson in the Dune world.  I get the feeling that once I actually sit down and read this book, I’m going to really enjoy it, it’s just that little matter of sitting down and starting to read it, which will happen eventually, I promise (it is on the list after all).

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  1. ing2011

     /  October 13, 2011

    What I liked about Dune is that it is very clever storyline. Years ago, I played the adventure (video) game (I’m really not kidding). I liked the story line so much, I started to read the book. After that, I have read it many more times – only the first part, by the way. Oh yeah, don’t waste your time on the tv mini-series (saving that story for my blog :-))

  2. I have read the 6 books and I really really recommend the first one. The first 3 have a continuity link. The others too but look more like I’m making money let’s continue writing to pay my bills
    The main character Paul Atreides is like a magnetic pole for the reader. You need to know what happens to him and so you read and read and read up to the end of the third book. By the way for those that have seen the movie there is nearly nothing in common.


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