30 Day Book #23 – Book that made you laugh out loud

Quite a few of the books that I’ve read over the years are satire or humor, whichever term you wish to use.  Even with that, there are some books that just have moments where you can’t stop from laughing.  On there other hand, there are some books where the jokes just leave you shaking your head and saying ‘I can’t believe the author actually wrote that down.’

Even if it’s not the central point of the book, humor can make a good book even more enjoyable.  While it would be very easy to list the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series here (and they are wonderful books) I’m going to pick another book that I read recently that made my laugh quite a few times throughout the course of the book.  I’m talking about Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International.

(A couple minor spoilers along the way.)

This book is taking every b-horror movie and turning it upon it’s head.  Some of the funniest moments came from the descriptions of various magical creatures throughout the book.  When they’re going off to meet some elves trying to help them in their mission, one character starts to talk about elves as Tolkien described them.  The senior member of the crew simply says “yeah, Tolkien wasn’t quite right about everything there.”  They proceed to meet the elves, who are living in a trailer park and provide them with information in exchange for Budweiser and cigarettes.

Another line that I absolutely loved is when Owen is introduced to the crew’s helicopter pilot.  The pilot grumbles something for his name and Harbinger says “It means Skull Crushing Battle Hand of Fury in his language.  We call him Skippy.  Saves on time that way.”  It was one of the funniest scenes I’ve read in any book for quite a while.

The last specific scene I’m going to mention also deals with Skippy.  Skippy turns out to be an Orc, and what’s the one thing that everyone knows Orcs absolutely love?  That’s right, heavy metal music.  When Owen & Co. see the Orc village in the novel they find the Orcs listening to heavy metal and starting a mosh pit.

The book has a pretty serious plot going on throughout the course of it, what with trying to save the world and everything.  However, it never takes itself too seriously and never misses the chance to crack a joke when one can be put into the story.

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  1. Nice review. Sounds like a fun read. Why of course Orcs like heavy metal – duh!

    The laugh-out-loud book that first came to me was one I read decades ago, “Lucky Jim,” by Kingsley Amis. Picture an instructor at a British College, with the dedication of Wally in Dilbert, trying to win tenure by publishing a paper he can’t believe he stooped to write. Lucky Jim also gave me one of my life-long mottos: “Nice things are nicer than nasty ones.”

  2. I loed Hitchhiker’s and for me the book would be A Confederacy of Dunces. I was unprepared for the black humor of the novel and fell in love.


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