30 Day Book #27 – Most thought-provoking book

While some of the questions on my list have been fairly difficult to narrow down to a single book, this one was easy.  Although to be fair, I’m kind of cheating a little bit with this one.  My book for today is God’s Debris by Scott Adams (yes, the guy who writes Dilbert).  Why is this one cheating?  Simple, Adams describes the book as a thought experiment wrapped in a story.  It’s also interesting to note that Scott Adams originally released this as a free e-book, and you can find the story in its entirety here.

There is a lot of interesting stuff going on in this book, and I would highly suggest that everyone who is interested read this book (it’s short, you can realistically read the book in about 2-3 hours).  I would also love to hear your thoughts about the book and to see what you have to say about what the flaw in the logic is, I think I’ve reasoned out what’s going on in the book, I’d love to see other opinions.

Lastly, I’m going to mention another book that I really enjoyed that is very similar in tone to this one, and in fact it deals largely with the same topics.  Daniel Quinn’s book Ishmael is a book that I really enjoyed reading after hearing my Greek Lit teacher talking about it after class one day.  After reading Ishmael I suggested that she read God’s Debris.  Both books are very interesting and thought-provoking, but for me God’s Debris is the better of the two.

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