30 Day Book #29 – Favorite Author

This one is really easy, and that’s part of the reason that I put this question at the end.  I use a variety of ways to find different books to read, but typically once I find an author that I like, I’ll go and buy all of their books.  Because of this, there are several authors where I’ve read quite a few of their books.  However, my favorite author is easily Brandon Sanderson.

If you’ve been following my 30 day book list, I’ve already put several books that he has written on the list.  Mistborn is easily my favorite series, Hrathen and Dilaf (from Elantris) I listed as my favorite villains, and although they were not originally his works, I also placed Perrin from the Wheel of Time and The Gathering Storm on my list.

I enjoy all of Sanderson’s work, he writes epic fantasy, but they are all unique compared to the epic fantasy novels that many people are used to.  In part because he was so successful doing it, and also in part because he was really the first person to do it, Tolkien really served as the baseline for fantasy novels for years.  Even some books that I really enjoy are not very far away from Tolkien’s world.  Sanderson creates completely original worlds for his books, and they are all distinctive and most importantly different from Tolkien’s works.  If you’re looking for elves, orcs, dwarfs, and hobbits, go look somewhere else.

The last point that I’ll ramble on about for Sanderson’s works is the intricacy of his magic systems.  I like magic, I find it interesting, and I like to see characters who use magic throughout their adventures.  Sanderson also likes magic, a lot, and he uses it all the time.  He also creates unique magic systems for each of his book, and often he will have several different magic systems for each of his books.  Just thinking about it quickly, Elantris has 3 systems I can think of offhand (only 1 that is explained by the characters in the story), Mistborn has 3, plus unique magical creatures, Warbreaker has 2, and The Stormlight Archive has 3 or 4 I can think about offhand.  All of these are unique with different rules and different limitations for what the characters can do using the various systems.

Along with having unique settings, Sanderson is also a very good writer.  His characters are all believable with their actions and interesting plots that aren’t always the simple ones that we’ve gotten used to from different books.  I cannot praise Mistborn enough, but the ending of the trilogy was amazing, it was the perfect ending for the series, and I didn’t see it coming.

I can’t suggest his works highly enough, you can start anywhere with his books, they’re all good.  Elantris is his first novel but you don’t need to start there to read his books.  I’ve enjoyed all of his novels and semi-patiently wait for his books to come out (Alloy of Law November 11th, I’ll be out to pick up my copy).  If you enjoy fantasy novels, or just good writing I suggest all of Sanderson’s works.

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