This isn’t going to be one of my standard book reviews because this book doesn’t fit into the structure of my standard reviews.  I first heard of Kazuo Ishiguro when I found a blog post talking about his book Never Let Me Go several months ago.  I enjoyed that book and have been meaning to check out more of Ishiguro’s work.  While wandering through my local Barnes & Noble the other day, I found Nocturnes and after reading the blurb on the back of the book decided to buy it.

Book Stats

221 pages

Stand Alone



This book doesn’t fit into my usual structure because it is a collection of 5 short stories that revolve around similar themes.  All five stories revolve around music and the effects that it can have on our relationships with other people.  When I first went to college I was a music education major and even though I don’t play any more, I still have a great appreciation for music and I fully believe in the power of music to evoke emotions in people.  This book does a good job of showing how music affects people at very different levels of their careers, some of them directly involving music and others being more tangentially attached to music.  The stories were all well written, although some were far more successful than others.  I enjoyed the stories, although I would not recommend reading them all in one day (as I did).  Read a story, then take some time and let it digest and then begin the next story in the collection.  All of the stories are quick reads and I will read them again in the future.

Overall Grade

Quick and interesting stories.  If you are a fan of good writing and music I think you would enjoy this collection.


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  1. hannahrose42

     /  November 15, 2011

    This sounds pretty interesting. I have been getting more into short stories recently, so I may have to look this up.
    What did you play? My main instrument is trumpet, but I am also moderately proficient on a saxophone and clarinet.

    • I was a music ed major for a few years, so I learned how to play quite a few instruments (to various levels of proficiency). My main instrument was the Trombone, but I could also play Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, Trumpet, Euphonium, Tuba, and French Horn. Other than Trombone I spent the most time playing piano, and that’s the one that I would most prefer to still play.

      • hannahrose42

         /  November 16, 2011

        I have always wanted to learn to play the euphonium…
        Shucks, I can’t believe I forgot french horn. That was my concert band instrument in high school! I was on the verge of being music ed partially just because I wanted to learn how to play all the instruments, but I chose English ed at the last moment. Which I have now left anyway…

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