Monster Hunter Vendetta

This is the second book in Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series.  I really enjoyed the first book, and this one was even better.  On with the review.

Book Stats

612 pages


Second book in it’s series, sequel to Monster Hunter International


This book once again focuses on Owen Pitt, accountant turned monster hunter.  Pretty much all of the characters from the first book are in this one as well, and they’re all just as much fun to read about.  I particularly liked some of the newer magical creatures introduced in this book.  The metal-head Orcs from are probably still my favorite, but the Gnomes were absolutely hilarious to read about.  The Gnomes they visit in this book are all gangster hood-rats (for lack of a better term) and all of the scenes involving them are so much fun to read.


Pretty much the same as the last book, it takes place mostly in the Southeastern US, although the hunters visit a few other places as well.


In the first book Owen foiled the plans of some very powerful creatures, which resulted in him really aggravating them.  As a result they’re quite upset, and now they’re after Owen and the rest of MHI.  Unfortunately for the creatures chasing them, everyone at MHI is armed and very dangerous.


Everything that the first book did well, this book did better.  The characters were great, the humor was absolutely on point, and the action scenes were just as much fun to read.  The real selling point for this book over the first book is that there are several very emotional moments that I don’t remember being in the first one.  I absolutely love the idea behind these books, and the execution in this book is perfect.

Overall Grade

This book is wonderful, go buy the series now.


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  1. I will keep an eye out for it. So glad this one didn’t give you a headache.


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