Death in the Clouds

As I continue to work my way through the Agatha Christie collection (and more specifically the Hercule Poirot novels) I read the book Death in the Clouds today.  Not a whole lot else to say in this part of the post, so I’ll just go on with the review.

Book Stats

253 pages


Stand Alone (A Hercule Poirot mystery)


Hercule Poirot is once again the central viewpoint character in this story, and the story is partially told from his viewpoint, but it also jumps around to the viewpoints of the other characters throughout the story as well.


Early 1900’s England & France.


As Poirot is returning to England on a flight, the crew of the plane discovers that one of the passengers is dead.  Poirot suspects murder and investigates the case.  (This is a pretty standard Poirot plot, and if you’ve read a few of them, which I have at this point, there’s nothing in the plot that is going to surprise you.)


This is my 6th Poirot novel, and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed all of them to different degrees, but there is one thing about these novels that I absolutely love.  I love the setting.  Our world today is one where people are always in a hurry, are horribly impatient, and have manners that are basically rubbish.  I love reading about the mannerisms of the early 1900’s.  There is a gentility to the people that I really wish still existed today.  The behavior of the characters in these novels are wonderfully charming and such a welcome change from the world we live in today.  (Most people can’t even say “goodbye” when they’re done on a telephone, at least the ones who call the bowling alley that I work at can’t.)

Now, as it comes to this novel and the unfolding of the mystery being told, I was upset.  The point to a mystery is to try to confuse the reader as to who actually committed the crime.  The more people that you can suspect, the better the mystery.  The final revelation of how this mystery came to pass was not very well foreshadowed in this book.  When you finish a mystery, even if you didn’t figure out who committed the crime before the end, you should be able to look back and see how the clues unfolded throughout the course of the story and in this novel I really can’t.

Overall Grade

I love the mannerisms of the characters in the novel, but the mystery in this one didn’t work for me.


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