How far are you willing to go?

This post is not my own idea, in fact it’s not even on my blog, I’m just going to have a quick paragraph and then send you to Dan Well’s blog (the author who wrote I Am Not A Serial Killer, I have a review of the third book in that series, I Don’t Want to KIll You, on my blog).  He raised this question because of the 10th anniversary of Guantanamo and he asked some interesting questions about it as well as some of the characters in his books and their actions.  I have a couple of comments posted there already, I think it’s an interesting question and one that should probably be asked more often than it is.

So without rambling any more, here is the link to Dan’s blog and the post I’m referring to.

In news actually relating to my blog, I’m about 2/3 of the way through Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I should have a review up sometime in the next two days.

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