Deadline is the sequel to Feed by Mira Grant.  The first book had a really interesting premise with a very unique way of telling a story.  There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed, and some other parts that I didn’t care for as much.  Either way, this book is a worthy sequel to Feed.  On with the review.

Book Stats

581 pages

Science Fiction

Sequel to Feed


This book picks up about a year after the first book left off, with Shaun Mason as the main character.  Although Georgia technically died in the first book, she still shows up in this book as a voice in the back of Shaun’s head.  This ends up working out to be really cool because you’re wondering for most of the book if Shaun is insane or if somehow his sister got trapped in his head.  It’s never really answered, but the book is written to really make you question that.  Some of the characters from the first book are also in this one (namely Mahir from London) but several of the people that Shaun works with throughout this book are new to the book.  They were all well written and fun to read about, Maggie especially was a great character who had some wonderful scenes in the book.


2040’s America after the rising of the undead from the KA virus.  The same world as the first one, but more of the virus is looked into.


After Georgia is killed at the end of the first book (it’s clearly marked that this is the second book in the series, so it’s going to have big spoilers, I’m sorry) Shaun goes into a bit of a funk.  Early in the book, a scientist from the CDC in Memphis fakes her own death (with a clone) to come visit Shaun & Co in Oakland with information about the conspiracy that led to Georgia’s death.  As they look into the information they’re given, they learn a lot about the KA virus as well as the reservoir conditions (like Georgia’s eyes).


The first book in the series had a very slow start, but then picked up greatly by the end of the book.  This book did the opposite, it started out on fire and then sputtered out by the end, only to have one hell of a cliffhanger thrown in for good measure.  For the first 2/3 of the book they are actively searching for any information that they can get regarding the conspiracy that they found.  After that, they just hole up and wait for everything to come to them.  It was a really frustrating way to end a book that I was really enjoying.  All that said, I still liked the book and I’ll get the third one when it comes out (it’s supposed to be out in May of this year).


This book had a quote that I really loved, and I think I’m going to start listing quotes that I enjoy in a separate section in the book review (i.e. here) as well as on the quotes page.  Anyway, here it is:

“That was the sort of grief I can handle.  Sadly enough, it’s the kind I’ve been on the inside of, because even saying goodbye isn’t enough.  There’s always one more thing you should have had the time to say, or do, or ask.  There’s always going to be that one missing piece.” – Shaun Mason from Deadline

Overall Grade

A really good beginning that stumbled at the end.


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  1. I haven’t heard of this series. I’m curious about what you will think of the third one.

    • The third book is due out in May, I’ll probably buy it and read it shortly after it’s released. It’s an interesting series, and with the way that the second book ended I’m curious as to how the third book will go.


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