March 2012 Month in Review

So we’ve reached the end of another month, and I’ve gotten through another pile of books.  Time for another end of the month wrap up, complete with my standard ramblings about whatever else is crossing my mind at the moment.

One of the most common themes in book blogs that I noticed towards the end of last year was everyone deciding how many books they’re going to read in the next year.  I have one big problem with that, the page lengths of books varies greatly.  Looking back at my list of books I’ve read this year, I’ve got books that are all over the place in page count, from as short as 107 pages (The Tales of Beedle the Bard) to as long as 760 pages (Red Seas Under Red Skies).  The average page length for books I’ve read this year is just under 400.  So what really constitutes as a full book?  I mean, if I wanted to read 200 books this year, I probably could, the collected works of Dr. Seuss would take me about 2 days and amounts to about 60 books.

So what’s a busy reader to do?  I don’t have a perfect total for last year because I started my blog in March, but I do know that I hit my 100th book review just before Christmas, so I would guess that my total number of books for last year was somewhere around 110-115.  Would I like to hit 100 books again this year?  Absolutely, am I on pace to?  Yes, I’m up to 26 books through the first three months of the year.  But I know that I’m going to have to get a big lead on the 8 book a month pace to hit 100 because I have my Wheel of Time reread starting up in October.  Now, having said all that, 100 books this year isn’t really my goal.  I don’t have it written in stone anywhere, although I suppose that writing it on here is as close to stone as I’m going to get with it.  My goal for the year is to average about 100 pages read per day.

So how am I doing so far towards that?  Pretty well actually.  Including today there have been 91 days so far this year, and I’m at 10,136 pages read for the year, which puts me at about 111 per day.  Anyway, I’m done rambling on about how much I’d like to read for now, and now I’m going to go ahead and do the monthly wrap up.

I finished 9 books this month, nothing rated lower than a 5, and I also had three 8’s and a 9 come out of the month, so we’re going to call it a good month.

So there is the list from March of 2012.  Two final things before I finish the post.  The first is that this post is going to be a decent test of my very limited tech skills.  This weekend I’m actually in Toledo Ohio for the state bowling tournament, so hopefully my setting this up to publish at the right time will work.  So because I’m out of town I won’t have access to my blog, any comments will have to wait until I get back late Sunday night.  So I swear I’m not ignoring you, I’m just out of town.

And finally, last month I asked if there were any specific books off of my book list that you were interested in seeing reviews for.  I went through several of the books you asked for, as well as several others on my list.  So what’s all this mean?  Well, primarily it means that my TBR stack is getting just a little shorter and that I need to go buy more books.  Last month I asked what you wanted to see from books that I already had, this month I’m asking for open suggestions for books.  If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you know that I’ll read just about anything, so bring on the suggestions.  I will say that it’s been a while since I’ve read some non-fiction books, so I’d be open to some suggestions for some good non-fiction as well as good fiction.

As always thank you all for stopping by and encouraging my bibliophilic tendencies.

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