The Hero of Ages

The Hero of Ages is the third book in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.  Anytime that I start to discuss books with people, this series is one of the first that I will suggest.  There are several really interesting magic systems in the book, the characters are all well written and interesting to read about, and one of the first things I mention when pitching the series – the ending of the trilogy is the best ending I’ve ever read in a book.  Even though I’ve read the series before, the ending is still just as amazing and leaves you awestruck.  Actually, re-reading the series allows you to see the very subtle foreshadowing that Sanderson has spread throughout all three books.  In fact, the introduction to the first chapter of the first book has a clue that leads you towards the ending of the series.  On with the review.

This shouldn’t really be necessary to say, but there will be spoilers from the first two books.

Book Stats

724 pages


Third book in the trilogy (Sequel to Mistborn: The Final Empire and The Well of Ascension)


This book works to expand upon the scope of the first two by increasing the number of viewpoint characters.  The first book dealt primarily with Vin and Kelsier, and the second focused mostly on Vin and Elend.  This book includes large sections from Vin, Elend, Sazed, Spook, Marsh, and TenSoon.  This being the third book, most of the characters are pretty well set in who they are.  Throughout this book the two characters who grow the most are Sazed and Spook.  Sazed’s growth is actually a spiral of depression that he was in at the end of the third book, and Spook follows the similar path to leadership that we’ve seen other characters go through in the past.  Much like in the first two books, all of the characters are very well written and believable.  Sanderson has a lot of small lines that work wonders to humanize the characters.  The characters are a huge strength of this book and the entire series.


Luthadel, Urteau, and Fadrex, three major cities in Scadrial.  We’re also shown some of the Kandra homeland as well.


The second book concluded with Vin releasing a powerful force from the Well of Ascension.  Well, Ruin is free now, and he was promised that he could destroy the world, and now he is coming to collect.  The overall world is struggling with trying to fight something that is a force of nature, while Elend is trying to unite humanity so that they’ll be able to survive the upcoming months.


The early sections of this book are a little slower than the first two books, but this is primarily because Sanderson is exploring more of the world and showing several different characters dealing with a lot of different issues.  So while the pacing is slower, there is a lot more going on in this book and Sanderson does a good job of juggling the multiple storylines so that the book moves along at a steady pace throughout.  That said, all of the setup throughout the early chapters of this book pays off beautifully with the ending.  There is so much going on that it would be easy to be overwhelmed, but everything is supported by what has gone on in the prior books.  All of the crazy plot events that happen make sense, and you’re never left with a feeling that the answer came from nowhere.  Even though I knew what was going to happen with the ending, I was still nervous for the characters, and absolutely blown away by the scope of the ending of the book.  I put a lot of stock into the endings of books and series, and this is the best one I’ve ever seen.


We create things to watch them grow, to take pleasure in seeing that which we love become more than it was before.  You said that you were invincible–that all things break apart.  All things are ruined.  But there are things that fight against you–and the ironic part is, you can’t even understand those things.  Love.  Life.  Growth.

The life of a person is more than the chaos of its passing.


This is my favorite book series, and the best ending I’ve ever seen.  If you enjoy good books, and especially if you’re a fan of Fantasy novels, do yourself a favor and read this series.


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  1. Brilliantly Novel

     /  April 18, 2012

    I have to agree with you that this is probably the best series I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It was recommended to me by my little brother, and honestly I didn’t think I was going to be that into it. Boy was I wrong! The ending completely blew me away (and, being a girl, I may have blubbered like a baby). I also loved the insane detail that went into this series. Nothing, I mean nothing, is insignificant, and everything is connected. I would love to read throught it again and pick up on stuff that I missed the first go ’round 🙂

    • My reviews are all from my recent re-read of the series. It’s really interesting to see all of the foreshadowing that went on throughout the course of the novels. If you haven’t already looked at them, check out the annotations on Sanderson’s website. They go chapter by chapter and they’re kind of like a directors commentary for a movie. It’s really interesting to see what he was thinking while he was working on the books.

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