Foundation and Empire

Foundation and Empire is the second book in Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy.  It does some things in a similar manner to the first book, but there are several different aspects to it as well.  Not a whole lot else that I can think to say about the introduction of the book right now, so we’ll move on to the review.

Book Stats

243 pages

Science Fiction

Sequel to Foundation


The first book in the series was split into a set of 5 different episodes concerning the origin of the Foundation.  This book differs in that it was only split into two episodes.  Asimov’s characters as always are wonderful to read about, and it’s interesting to see how they try to solve their problems.

The Foundation has existed for a couple hundred years at the beginning of this book, and has cemented itself as a power at the edge of the galaxy.  This book shows the Foundation interacting with the remnants of the first Galactic Empire.  The first section has the Foundation under attack from an imperial general, and the second involves an attack from within the Foundation that throws Seldon’s original plan off quite a bit.


I preferred the first book to this one for a couple of reasons.  I really enjoyed the shorter episodes from the first book.  It really led to the epic scope of the novel that I felt from the first book.  By only having two episodes throughout the course of this book, it actually shrinks the scope of the series slightly.  I also had a big issue with the first half of the book.  I’ve mentioned it before when talking about Gaiman’s books.  In many of Gaiman’s books, the primary viewpoint character isn’t affecting the main story, which leads to a weaker ending overall.  In the first section, the characters say that the ultimate resolution was going to be the same no matter what they did, which means that nothing they did mattered.  While it’s occasionally interesting to see a viewpoint from a periphery character in a series like this, they generally aren’t strong enough viewpoints to drive the story forward for a long time.

Overall Grade

Not quite as good as the first book, but still worth reading.  I’m still eagerly looking forward to finishing the trilogy.


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