You Suck: A Love Story

While I’ve read quite a few books by Christopher Moore (You Suck being the sixth of his books that I’ve read), this one was definitely a new experience.  This is the first book of his that is a direct sequel to one of his other novels.  As such, there are all the rules of continuity and continuing the characters to follow, much like in any series.  Moore does all of this very well, while still keeping the humor flowing throughout the book.  Anyway, on with the review.

Book Stats

328 pages


Sequel to Bloodsucking Fiends


Jody and Tommy are back once again, although by the first sentence of the book Jody has changed Tommy into a vampire.  They’re essentially the same characters that they were in the first book, which means that it’s still a lot of fun to watch as they adjust to their new lives with both of them being vampires.  Of the new characters in this book, my favorite was Abby Normal, a teenage goth girl who realizes very early on in the book that Tommy is a vampire and wants nothing more than to be their new minion.  The sections written from her viewpoint were written as though they were diary entries, and were littered with her paraphrased comments about what everyone actually said.  She was a very well written and snarky character who was a lot of fun to read about.


We’re back in San Francisco, the Emperor’s domain.


The plot deals with Jody and Tommy adjusting to both of them being vampires, as well as the after effects of giving the Animals from the grocery store over half a million dollars.  There’s also the matter of the 800 year old vampire who begins the book trapped in a bronze statue.  The overall story kind of meanders along for most of the book, but it’s still a fun read because of the humor throughout the book.


The story in this book is weaker than in Moore’s other books, but the humor is there in full force.  This book is a great example of how having interesting characters in unique situations can create lots of chaos and some very funny moments.  There were a couple of sections where the plotting was a little iffy, including some sections at the very end.  But if you’re going to read this book, it’s going to be primarily for the humor, and in that category it works out very well.

Overall Grade

It’s not Moore’s best book, but an average book by Moore is still well worth reading.  I’m looking forward to starting the third book in the next couple of days.


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  1. Thanks. I will now definitely have to check out Moore.

    • All of his books are a lot of fun, I would probably suggest starting with Lamb, Fluke, or Bloodsucking Fiends. I should have a review for the third book in this series up in a couple of days.

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