Guardians of the West

The next several books that I’m reading are going to be difficult to discuss.  Ostensibly The Malloreon is a separate series from The Belgariad, but it’s really a continuation of Garion’s story.  All that said, the first book at least is well written, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

Book Stats

273 pages (just like I had with The Belgariad, I have the series in a two part collection that contains all five books)


First book of The Malloreon, the series that is the sequel to The Belgariad


Most of the characters from The Belgariad show up in this series, and their personalities are all the same as they were in the first books.  Much like in the first series, I really enjoyed the banter between Belgarath and Polgara, but many of the other characters were kind of flat.  One thing that I did enjoy more in this series is that Eddings started to write from multiple viewpoints in this book.  The first section of the book is from the viewpoint of Errand, the young boy who carried the Orb of Aldur in the first series.  The later sections of this book are back to being from Garion’s viewpoint, I’m hoping that Eddings continues to write from multiple viewpoints.


I forget the name of the world, but this book takes place largely in Aloria and Riva within the world.


The book starts out several years after the ending of The Belgariad.  One of the things that I liked in this book is that it was more episodic than the books of The Belgariad.  The first section dealt with Errand growing up and learning more about the world, the second section dealt with Garion learning that he is involved in another prophecy, and the third section dealt with what will end up being the central point for the rest of the series, Garion’s son being kidnapped and being involved in the same prophecy with Garion.


Most of my thoughts about the book were listed in the earlier sections.  I enjoyed this book, and I’m going to start on book two either later tonight or tomorrow morning.  But as of now, I’m running a little short on time before I have to leave for bowling tonight, so I’ll cut the review a little shorter than usual.

Overall Grade

An interesting start to a series, but I would definitely suggest that you read The Belgariad before you start this book, as this series starts expecting that you already know the characters.


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  1. I remember reading the entire Belgariad some time ago, but I’m not sure I finished this series. At some point I remember needing a break, but I look forward to jogging memory as you review them.

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