Demon Lord of Karanda

This is the third book of David Eddings’ Malloreon.  Reviewing this series is going to be a decent way of preparing for my big Wheel of Time re-read later in the year.  It’s not terribly easy to review a book when it’s essentially the same as the books before it.  Although I’m actually going to have an easier time with the Wheel of Time simply because there’s more variety to what happens within the books.  With Eddings’ books it really seems like each book is simply more of the same from the last book.  Not that this is a terribly bad thing, because all of the books are well written.  I think it’s simply an example of how Fantasy novels have changed since these books came out in the late 80’s.  Anyway, on we go.

Book Stats

252 pages


Third book of The Malloreon (sequel to Guardians of the West and King of The Murgos)


Our same cast of characters from the rest of the books is here as well, although for part of the journey they’re joined by Feldegast, a traveling jester who brings a lot of levity to the group.  Of course he’s hiding a little bit, but it’s nothing that you shouldn’t figure out about 100 pages before it’s actually revealed within the story.  As always the bantering between the characters is well done.


The characters are still in Mallorea, and they end up in the city of Ashaba – which was the primary city that worshipped Torak.


The second book ending with what could have been a really bad situation.  They were all captured by Kal Zakath and taken to Mal Zeth, his capital city.  But while this could have been a horrible situation, it didn’t end up bad at all.  They ended up befriending ‘Zakath and spend a fair amount of time in Mal Zeth.  They’re somewhat kept as prisoners, because they aren’t allowed to leave, but they’re given free reign to do what they will while they’re in the city.  Of course they have to leave the city because they’re trailing Zandramas.  Ultimately a plague hits the city, which really does nothing except make their escape a little more difficult.  After they leave the city, the plague doesn’t really effect them at all.


“It’s a failing I have.  I’ve looked at the world for quite a few years now and I’ve found that if I don’t laugh, I’ll probably end up crying.” – Silk


My biggest problem with this book has been the same problem that I’ve had with the rest of the series, the problems never deepen.  We go to one city, get through the problem, and then move on.  I’ve talked before about how the characters are all highly competent, but even the very few times they’re in over their heads they’re helped by an outside party.  For an example, there are a couple of times when they aren’t sure about where to go, so they simply have Toth ask Cyradis where they’re supposed to go next.

Overall Grade

There’s nothing in this series that will blow you away, but it’s a solid – if dated – Fantasy series.


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