Sorceress of Darshiva

So now we’re up to the fourth book of The Malloreon, this’ll be a pretty short review, so I’ll just get on with it.

Book Stats

241 pages


Fourth book of The Malloreon (sequel to Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, and Demon Lord of Karanda


The same characters from the first four books, in this book ‘Zakath joins the main party after being convinced that he should by Cyradis.  This book also shows viewpoints from several other characters, including those who were in The Belgariad but don’t play as big a part in this series.  I had the same reaction to this series expanding viewpoints as I had with The Belgariad, it’s too late in the series to try and expand the scope.


Still in Mallorea, working towards finishing their quest.


This book really deals with finishing up the demon subplot that was started in the third book.  And while it’s interesting to see their continuing travels, the lack of foreshadowing in these books is really starting to get annoying to me.  The final resolution seemed to come from nowhere, and left what could have been a really cool scene falling horribly flat.


In my post yesterday I talked about how many novels and series – especially Fantasy novels and series – tend to go on far too long.  David Eddings was a very good writer, but both The Belgariad and The Malloreon needed to be 2 books shorter than they actually are.  This series especially is starting to really annoy me.  The characters are never lost, because if they’re ever unsure of where to go, they refer to a not-so cryptic prophecy or have Toth summon Cyradis and ask her where they need to go.  Along with that, Garion seems to have a direct line to some divine being who has a vested interest in their success and will readily point them in the right direction.  Between that and all of the characters being essentially superheroes, there is absolutely no tension whatsoever.  Since Beldin has been traveling with Garion and  company, they have 5 sorcerers (3 of them are thousands of years old), a master of poisons, the Emperor of Mallorea, and two super spies who can find any information as well as any supplies that they will ever need.  Along with this, Silk is such a gifted manipulator of people that ‘Zakath’s aides say that the entire economy of Mallorea would collapse if he wasn’t trading there.

Overall Grade

The quality of the writing in this book is as good as the rest of the books, but having every book use the same formula gets old pretty quickly.


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