The Well of Ascension Blog Tour: Part IV

I hope everyone is enjoying this book as much as I did.  When Carl picked me to host this part of the blog tour I was thrilled.  This section of the book has some of my favorite moments in the series.  For those newly joining us, here are links to the first 3 parts of the blog tour:

Obviously this post will have spoilers for the book up through the end of Part IV.  So lets get started on the discussion.

One of the central ideas of this book has been watching Elend grow from being an idealistic young nobleman to someone who is truly capable of being a leader.  He shows in this section that even though he’s lost the crown, he still cares about the people of Luthadel.  The first way he does this is by telling the Skaa to move out of the noble houses because the more open Skaa tenements will be able to keep them warmer.  The second is by going out of the city and directly risking his own life to try and find out how Jastes is controlling the Koloss.  How far do you think Elend has come  on the path to being a good king?

One of the best scenes of the entire Mistborn trilogy is the scene where Vin and Zane assault Cett’s keep.  We’ll start with a little background information on this scene.  One of Sanderson’s inspirations for this scene was the lobby scene in the original Matrix movie.  It’s a beautiful scene, but it doesn’t show any of the consequences of the characters actions.  Sanderson wanted to do a similar scene in this book where he looked at how this affected the characters.  Obviously Vin is troubled by what she and Zane did, and it reflects in the fact that hides from the crew for a while – almost ashamed of what she did.  How do you think this changed her as a character?  Do you think this is something she would have done in the first book?  Is it something Kelsier would have done?

And now we come to something that was speculated on quite a bit in the earlier posts.  The identity of the spy.  A couple of people guessed correctly that OreSeur was the spy.  For those who weren’t sure, were you surprised?  Of course immediately following finding out that OreSeur was the spy we run into another fantastic scene in the book, Vin fighting Zane.  I think it’s interesting to see how Vin chooses to deal with Zane having atium while she doesn’t.  I also thought it was interesting that TenSoon was willing to break his contract and betray Zane to help Vin.  What do you think about how this scene played out?  And what do you think of Zane, what do you think the voice in his head was?

And my final question.  A lot of Vin’s character arc throughout this book is dealing with where she fits in the world.  Zane is obviously reminiscent of Kelsier, and as a Mistborn understands Vin in a way that Elend never can.  Is she the noblewoman that Elend fell in love with, or the Mistborn trained by Kelsier and used as a weapon?  What do you think about her choice?

So there are my questions for this section of the book.  What are your thoughts?