Firefly Watch: Episode 14

And we finally come to the final episode of Firefly.  I have to admit that I got more and more upset as I ran out of episodes to watch.  When I first started going through the show, I was watching two episodes a night (and then writing my thoughts after each one, which I kept in a Word file before posting them here) and I decided to cut back and only watch one episode a night, in large part to make it last longer.

Having said all that, I do have two more posts planned dealing with Firefly, I have a post lined up as a review of the movie, Serenity, which is set about 6 months after the end of the final episode (it basically would have been the end of Season 2 of the show had there been a Season 2).  I’m also planning a post wherein I give my thoughts to the series as a whole, including some of my thoughts as to why the series was cancelled when everything about it is so well done.

But those posts will be up next week, for now this post is simply my thoughts about Episode 14, links to all of my other Firefly posts can be found here.

Firefly Episode 14 – Objects in Space

I loved this episode, but then again I’ve loved all of the episodes of the show that have dealt with River’s backstory.  This episode opens with a short section that follows River and gives a brief example of what she’s really hearing when everyone talks.  She’s able to slightly read people’s minds, and they get this across by having the opening scene shift between the conversation that people are actually having and what River hears, which is quite well done, until she ends up with a loaded firearm at the end of that sequence and freaks out the rest of the crew.

At this point Kaylee tells everyone what happened with River at the end of Episode 10.  Then the fun kicks in when a bounty hunter who is after River gets on board the Serenity.  I was a little annoyed at how easily he got on the ship, especially after the same basic thing happened in the last episode, but beyond that this was a brilliant episode.

When Jubal Early is an interesting character, and they have small hints that he’s just a little off.  While he’s a little weird, he’s also a very good bounty hunter.  He knocks out Mal and then locks all of the crew quarters, then ties up Kaylee before knocking out Book and holding Simon at gunpoint while he searches for River, the guy is efficient if nothing else.  They hint that he’s a sociopath, when River is talking to him she talks about how he used to torture animals, and throughout the episode he talks to and about people like they’re objects.  Both are signs of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and I’m very pleased that they got them right.  (A while ago I did a series of posts talking about Sociopaths in our Culture that was divided into three parts.  The link to part 1 is here.)

Of course River is kind of elusive and hard to find, and then of course she comes on over the speakers in Serenity and says that she’s become one with the ship.  This is great because we’re not exactly 100% sure what River can do, and it’s played out very well when she’s messing with Early.

Sadly, this is the last episode of the show.  Obviously they intended to do a lot more with the show, but it was cut short.  Next up is the movie that follows the show – Serenity.  I’m looking forward to it, and I’m very curious as to what plot lines they choose to close up and which ones they don’t have time to get into.