Goblin Quest

Ah, I never know how to star these posts.  Do I say for the umpteenth time that I discovered this book through the Writing Excuses podcast?  Jim C. Hines was a guest on the podcast, and after that episode i decided that I eventually needed to check out his books.  That of course was a very long time ago.  In that time, I started to read Jim’s blog on his website, and it’s easily one of the best blogs that I’ve seen online. He regularly posts about a wide variety of topics, and each of his posts are interesting and thoughtful.  Even if you haven’t read his books I highly suggest checking out his blog from time to time.  Anyway, on with the review.

Book Stats

346 pages

Fantasy, Satire

First book in the Goblin series


The main character of this book is Jig, who is a runt even among the lowly goblin tribe that he lives with.  The main difference between Jig and the rest of the goblins is that Jig is quite intelligent.  From the very beginning of the book he questions how goblins typically go about their days – running head first into random adventurers which ends up getting all of them killed.  Jig was a fantastic character and tons of fun to read about.  Jig is the only goblin that we see a lot of in this book, but the other characters that we run into are a lot of fun as well.


The books takes place within the series of caves where Jig lives, as they delve deeper into the caves they run into all sorts of different dangers; hobgoblins, carrion worms, necromancers, and oh yeah, a dragon.


Jig was picked to go on patrol with several other goblins, mostly so they could gamble while they sent Jig off to scout (which in goblin terms basically means he was sent off to die).  As Jig is going through the tunnels he runs into a group of adventurers; two princes, one of which is a mage, a dwarf, and an elf.  By some stretch of luck they decide to use Jig as a guide rather than immediately kill him, so of course they go off in search of the Rod of Creation, a very powerful magical artifact.


I loved this book.  Jig was a great character and it was really interesting to see how he was constantly outsmarting everyone, including the adventurers who capture him.  The book is also really funny as the author takes a close look as a standard Fantasy trope, then turns it on it’s head.  Unlike a lot of the standard Fantasy heroes, Jig isn’t capable of fighting off even the weakest opponent, he constantly has to use his brains to outsmart them.  This book is a lot of fun and is definitely one of the most unique books that I’ve read in quite some time.

Overall Grade

A very unique book that is a ton of fun to read, I’m anxiously looking forward to the sequels.


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