July 2012 Month in Review

And thusly we come to the end of another month.  Last month I lamented because I for the first time all year I didn’t reach 3,000 pages for the month.  Well, this month I definitely made up for it by reading 12 books which came in at 4,369 pages.  That brings my total for the year up to a little over 24,000 in 7 months, so I’m well above my set goal of averaging 100 pages a day for the year.

As for the actual books that I read this month, I had a variety of different books, but they pretty much completely fell into the SciFi/Fantasy category.  I also had a bit of variety with the scores that I gave the books this month, with ratings ranging from the first 10/10 I’ve given a book in two months as well as the first 1/10 I’ve ever given a book.  So let’s stop rambling for a moment and list the books that I read this month.

This month also saw the group read for The Well of Ascension (Mistborn book 2) for which we used a different style of group read.  Instead of asking questions and having everyone post about them, we just had one person post some ideas about the sections and have everyone discuss them in the one topic.  For next month we’re doing the same thing with The Hero of Ages (book 3), which is going to be a lot of fun.

I’m making some headway on my TBR pile, which is always good.  But one thing that might throw a wrench in that was me stumbling upon NPR’s book poll where they’re asking people for their favorite Teen Novels, from which they’ll compile their list of the top 100 Teen Novels (much like they did last year with their top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy novels last year),  I enjoy a lot of YA books, so I’ll probably check out some books from that list, and if nothing else some of the comments on my post about the NPR poll had a bunch of suggestions for books to look into.  Plus I’ve also got my Wheel of Time re-read coming up fairly soon in anticipation of A Memory of Light coming out next January.

Should be a lot of fun in the upcoming months.  As always I’d love any suggestions for books to look into in the future, and I think I’ll once again ask what books currently on my TBR list that you’d like to see reviews for.

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  1. Wow, you’re a fast reader! lol. I also read Ready Player One in July. How did you like it?

    • I enjoyed the book, but I had some problems with a couple aspects of it. I had some questions about the world as a whole, and I kept thinking that while it would be terrible for the general gamer if IOI won the contest and was able to control the game, it might be better for the world as a whole. Art3mis sees that the real world has major problems, she even admits that she would use the money she won to try and help out the planet.

      I enjoy games a lot, but there does come a time when you need to get out of the game and focus on reality.

      • Yes, I also had a lot of issues about it concerning the “real world,” but then I thought, well, it’s sci-fi…aren’t I supposed to suspend my disbelief? Because otherwise, yeah, there’s a lot of things wrong with the world Cline created….

      • I talked about it a lot more in my review, the line that really bothered me was the one where he talks about committing suicide if IOI won. That line really bothered me, because when it comes down to it, it was a game. I love video games, I play them fairly often (albeit not nearly as often as I used to), but there comes a point where you have to realize that it’s just a game.

  2. Wow! Impressive month. I finished the last Mistborn and loved it. I’ll still participate in the discussions and I hope not to ruin any surprises. I’m kinda sad that the series is over.

    • Most of the books for this month fairly light stories, a lot of Space Opera and lighter Fantasy made it easy to get through quite a few pages.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the end of the Mistborn series, I’ve said many times that it’s probably my favorite Fantasy series. If you haven’t already found it, check out The Alloy of Law. It’s another Mistborn book set about 300 years after the end of The Hero of Ages, it’s more of an Urban Fantasy (more of an action/detective plot) than an Epic Fantasy, and it’s a lot of fun to read.

      • Thanks for the suggestion!

      • I can’t wait to read the final Mistborn book. I’m also excited that Sanderson has two books coming out this fall, even if they aren’t part of the series I’ve been waiting for.

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