August 2012 Month in Review

Another month has come and gone, and now I get to do another post about what books I read this past month.  Sadly, for the second time in 3 months I didn’t hit 3,000 pages.  There were two main problems with trying to hit 3,000 pages this month, the first was that The Hero with a Thousand Faces took me  about a week to read, and the second and more important reason is that I got a full-time job a couple of weeks ago.  I’m still reading as much as I can, but my reading is mostly left to my lunch breaks at work, a little time once I get home, and then weekends.

My semi-stated reading goal for the year was to average about 100 pages a day during the course of the year.  Thus far I’m up to about 27,000 pages for the year, which puts me well ahead of the 100 page a day average, and gives me a lot of buffer for the upcoming months where I’ll be working and bowling a lot more for the rest of the year.

So anyway, on to the books I read this month:

So for the second time in the history of my blog, I have a book that I didn’t fit into the standard rating system.  I didn’t want to give God’s Debris a simple number score like I did with the rest of the books I’ve reviewed, so I’m leaving it as an N/A for the rating.

I’m reading On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony right now, and I’ve got about 75 pages left in the book, so expect a review for it tomorrow.  Otherwise, I was at work all day and then bowling tonight, so I’m going to bed.