How many books will you read in your life?

Dan Wells is easily one of my current favorite authors, and I have reviews of all 5 of his published books to this point (The John Cleaver Trilogy, Partials, and The Hollow City).  I became a big fan of his after listening to the Writing Excuses podcast and listening to him talk about his books.

I talk about Writing Excuses all the time on this blog, if you enjoy reading or have any interest in writing you need to check out this podcast.  Even though they podcasts are short – generally around 15-20 minutes each – they do a great job getting into some deep writing topics and are a lot of fun when they’re doing it.

Anyway, his website blog is one of the ones that I regularly check, and today he had an interesting post up, and it really relates to my blog since it’s about books.  He has a formula up to figure out how many books you’ll read in your life.  Perhaps this weekend I’ll get into the formula more and figure out how many books I’ll end up reading in my life.

Anyway, here’s the link to Dan’s post about it, I need to get some sleep since I have to work in the morning and then bowl again tomorrow night.  I’m reading Ender in Exile at the moment, and I’ll finish it either tomorrow or early Saturday and then I’ll have my review up then.  After that, I’ll have something a little different to read, but we’ll get to that when the time comes (in other words, Saturday afternoon, but I’ll probably post it Sunday).

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  1. Apparently I’ll only get to read 1713 more books! Better choose them carefully.

    • I figure around 2400 more books at a decent estimate, it’s really interesting to actually look at it as a number, because you don’t really ever think of a finite number of books you’ll be able to read.

  2. Wow, using that formula, looks like I’m only gonna be reading 1,241 more books before I’m expected to die. I was suddenly saddened not by the low life expectancy of my country, but by how few books I’m going to be able to read before I die. LOL. Now that’s morbid!

  3. Fun! If my optimism is correct about my life expectancy and I average very conservatively I have at least 2300 books left to read! Hopefully many, many more.


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